“METavivor on the Move” – I am on the team

pinkelephantI have written about my passion (see: While Flying – Frustration surrounds Me ) for doing  everything I can to advocate for Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC). 6-10% of breast cancer patients are initially diagnosed at Stage IV (MBC). 30% of all breast cancer patients initially diagnosed with early stage breast cancer will eventually metastasize (or have what some of us call mets). 

In the US alone 1 woman dies every 14 minutes of MBC. I have many friends now who have MBC. Metavivor is an organization that I have great respect for. Like Advocates 4 Breast Cancer they are an all-volunteer, patient-founded organization. They are devoted to raising awareness about metastatic breast cancer, funding vital MBC research and they promote the concept that 30% of every organization’s breast cancer research funds should be devoted to MBC research.

Right now only 2% of all funds for breast cancer organizations go to MBC research. This has to change. As the Executive Director of Advocates 4 Breast Cancer (A4BC), I am proud that our organization is listening to Metavivor. We are devoting 30% of our funds each year to MBC research. We hope that other non-profits will follow our example and recognize how important it is for all breast cancer organizations to fund MBC.

finalAs an update to A4BC, we are in the process of getting our official site up and we are working around the clock to have it done. We are now on Facebook.  Thank you everyone for liking the page and if you haven’t seen it, please have a look and “like” the page to stay updated. Please click on: https://www.facebook.com/advocates4breastcancer.

I am haunted by the death of my very good friend Li Bailey, and my other friends who have died from MBC. Unfortunately this list keeps growing. I also hate that many of my friends have recently become part of the 30% joining my other friends who have MBC. This disease robs so many of so much. We must have MBC research that continues to bring about “quality of life” medications that will extend everyone’s lives for years (not just weeks or months). Forty thousand women in the US alone will die from MBC this year.


Metavivor is also looking for volunteers. They have a fantastic campaign called “Metavivor on the Move.”, inviting people to join the volunteer team. They are establishing 10 regional teams, with representatives from every state, plus volunteers in Canada. Although I have a very full plate, I am part of the volunteer team doing what I can to help with Metavivor.  If you would like to volunteer to help in any capacity of your choosing, send an email to CJ@METAvivor.org

To learn more about MBC please check out Nancy’s Point at: http://nancyspoint.com/mets/

To learn more about METAvivor, please visit their website here: www.metavivor.org.


10 Replies to ““METavivor on the Move” – I am on the team”

  1. You’ve always been on the “team”, Susan. The advocacy work you do is just wonderful and much appreciated. Thank you. And thanks for the link too!


    1. Nancy, what a nice thing to say. I was happy to put your link on as you wrote such an excellent piece on your blog about Mets. Thank you so much for your support!


  2. Susan, you are an inspiration and such a wonderful advocate! Thank you for writing this post. I am on the team, too. I’ve seen too, too many people die from this disease. My great friend Faun’s death was devastating. Too many people are joining the 30%, and that’s not right.


    1. Beth I am so happy yo hear that you are on the team too. I am also getting so frustrated by the 30% and it just keeps happening like dominoes around us. I am sorry about your great friend Faun. Thank you for your comment.


  3. Thanks for your comments Susan! You are an amazing advocate and look forward to seeing all the changes that will come about because of your advocacy!


    1. Thank you Vicki so much for your support. I am so surprised how much time things take when I am trying to get more done, yet I know it’s important to live in the moment and know that although I have goals, I will get there.I need to enjoy the ride along the way.


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