Testing #Scanxiety

Anyone touched by cancer knows about testing Scanxiety. You don’t want catastrophic thoughts running through your mind.

It’s been a slow process of testing, fuzzy thinking, difficult concentration, pain, and symptoms piling on over the past few months. I’m mostly disappointed that I’m less productive.

It started with pain in my right ribs. Then there was more pain on my right breast that recently extended to my back ribs too. I’ve had X-rays, MRI without contrast, and most recently a bone scan. Each time I hear results of no mets I’m extremely grateful.

I’ve had early stage breast cancer twice, chemotherapy, radiation, lots of breast surgeries including a mastectomy with reconstruction. Everyone knows how passionate I am to see that we do everything to extend lives with quality of life and find a cure for Stage IV.

Testing Scan 2Just when I thought all was clear I got a call from my oncologist that after further inspection there is a suspicious spot on my spine at T8. Tomorrow they do an MRI with contrast on my spine and see if a biopsy is warranted.

I could use good thoughts and prayers.

While I feel fear, I refuse to let it run my life, (easier said than done) especially when there’s so much I am grateful for including all the incredible support around me.



Click for  Update on Scans  It’s great news!great_news_clipart_-_Google_Search_-_2016-02-06_09.49.49

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    1. Me too. I have a few specialists and there could be other explanations, so I’m focusing on that. It’s just they won’t move forward till this is cleared. I don’t know who came up with the word patient as I’m not patient with this long tedious unknowing process. Thanks Kathi…❤️

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  1. My thoughts are with you … My last big scare was a very enlarged lymph node in my abdomen … I had to have a biopsy and I was so anxious and scared that I think I went into shock and could not stop shaking… I am glad to say it was not cancer … You are not alone in your fear …fingers crossed all is ok xx

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    1. It’s amazing how much stress goes into testing and what a difference it makes to find out it’s nothing. That’s what I’m hoping! Thanks for the kind words!

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        1. I am too Kym. Thought I was losing my mind as it was four times that I had to go through “the doughnut hole!” Will find out what’s really going on when I get to the neurologist in a couple of weeks.❤️


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