About Susan


Susan is the Founder of the non-profit organization, Advocates for Breast Cancer (A4BC). She was diagnosed with breast cancer twice, and did primary chemotherapy with her “bestie” friend Li Bailey at the same time. and started A4BC when her best friend Li Bailey died of metastatic  breast cancer in January 2012.  A4BC unites advocates to take direct action to make metastatic research a priority for those touched by the breast cancer epidemic.  Susan is a patient advocate, LEAD Graduate,  ACS Can member,  guest member of ASCO, Speakers Bureau for Breast Cancer Action, supporter of many organizations including Metup.org, Metavivor, MBCN, and  the Metastatic Breast Cancer Project. She has volunteered with the American Cancer Society as well as at Vanderbilt Hospital, helping cancer patients going through chemotherapy treatment. Susan is a passionate patient advocate who continues to work at helping others experiencing cancer treatment and especially cares about funding research and seeing an end to stage IV, or working towards making it a chronic disease with quality of life. She also enjoys traveling, living near the ocean, going to the gym, blogging, and keeping up with the latest breast cancer news  She owns a beautiful dog who is a mix of a Shit-zu and a Maltese named Shelby, who was given to her in January 2012 when her best friend Li Bailey died of breast cancer.








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