4 Life Lessons a Doctor Has Learned From Patients

This is from Time Magazine by David Chan. He answers life lessons from cancer patients.


AnswerbyDavid Chanon Quora.

I’ve taken care of cancer patients for several decades and they’ve taught me something about life.

1. Ajob is just a job. I often get into discussions about life and living with my cancer patients who have a unique outlook because they are face to face with their mortality.

Not one single patient has told me that they wished they had worked more. I’ve taken it to heart and have made it a point to be there for important events for family and friends and to take vacation days.

2. I’m reminded daily to have a big picture view of life and to understand what is a real problem. It’s so easy to be caught up in day to day dramas that we lose sight of what is a real problem.

A real problem is finding a big lump in your neck…

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    1. Yes I also appreciate how the doctor really cares about his patients. He sounds so compassionate. I love the doctors who think about their patient’s wishes first.


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