About A4BC

Our mission is empower patient advocates with unique opportunities to collaborate with the medical and scientific community so together we can improve the lives of everyone affected by the breast cancer epidemic.

We accomplish this by sharing the latest information that assists patients, caregivers, researchers, doctors and other organizations focused on breast cancer. We collaborate with organizations to end the deaths from this disease, improve quality of life, fund breakthrough research especially towards metastatic breast cancer, and we suggest actions that can affect policy change including involvement in the Moonshot.

We also have a program to award scholarships to patient advocates who want to attend conferences to learn more about their disease and meet up to work together with other advocates.  Some of our past scholarships include attendance to ASCO, SABCS, and ESCAPE2016.  Please feel free to contact us about a conference you would like to go to, and we will respond to you with information to obtain financial assistance from A4BC to attend.

A4BC also believes that it is important that organizations work together and that we must continue to educate the public about the real truths when it comes to breast cancer disease. We are here to help everyone affected by the many different types and kinds of breast cancer.

  • We are a conduit to many other organizations all working together to improve the lives of everyone affected by breast cancer.
  • We are not a political organization. We believe that everyone’s needs with breast cancer are unique and that different organizations can help different people at stages with this disease. Some organizations may not fit with your personal advocacy ideas. Every case is unique.
  • There have been many problems in the past with pinkwashing. Pinkwashing  is the promotion of goods and services with a pink color , label or ribbon to promote the product, claiming to help the cause of breast cancer, when in reality the product adds to the breast cancer epidemic. Just because an organization has the word “pink” in it, does not mean that they engage in pinkwashing.

At the same time if we recommend an organization and you find that organization is engaged in illegal actions, pinkwashing, not helping breast cancer, please feel free to express this.

Please feel free to comment!

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