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Update on Scans

MRI results are in and the suspicious area on the bone scan is not cancer or metastatic. Still NED! Going to a neurologist to see what’s causing pain after I return from a trip away! Thank you for all the love, support and prayers! 💖🙏🏼

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Testing #Scanxiety

Anyone touched by cancer knows about testing Scanxiety. You don’t want catastrophic thoughts running through your mind. It’s been a slow process of testing, fuzzy thinking, difficult concentration, pain, and symptoms piling on over the past few months. I’m mostly disappointed that I’m less productive. It started with pain in my right ribs. Then there […]

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A4BC at SABCS 2015

We are pleased to announce the success of our newly implemented scholarship program. We awarded two amazing women, Jennie Grimes and Grazia De Michele paid scholarships thanks to our generous donors at Advocates for Breast Cancer (A4BC). Grazia De Michelle – an Italian born woman currently living in the UK.was diagnosed with breast cancer in […]

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When Mother and Daughter Both Have Breast Cancer

A Seattle mother and her daughter both have breast cancer. They support each other through arduous treatments and the pain of watching a loved one suffer. Sourced through from: Great Article by Sumathi Reddy about Beth Caldwell and her mom Colleen ‘Susi’ Stevens  supporting each other while both are going through breast cancer treatment. […]

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Welcome to Our New Site!

Welcome to! There’s some typos and a few formatting issues that we are working on, so please bear with us! In meantime, please go to our site, watch our video, and join us to stay in touch. Feel free to contact us with comments and suggestions below. We love your input. Every opinion and […]

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Seeking Volunteers & Advocates!

Get Involved and Make a Difference! Please visit our main site at There are many features and important information. We are interested in hearing from anyone who wants to volunteer, get involved and/or seeking employment. Please consider volunteering your time. We need help managing office issues, assisting in projects, event planning, fundraising, marketing, social […]

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Local mom’s message about breast cancer goes viral

This is an article taken from “Terri Gruca, KVUE 9:08 p.m. CDT June 5, 2015. Metastatic breast cancer has no cure. Every year 40,000 people die because of it, but it is rarely talked about. A Cedar Park mom decided to change that. Her video is now being shared around the world”No one wants to […]

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Things are Looking Up

I truly feel empowered by the amount of love and understanding that I am receiving from my family and good friends as a result of blogging my true thoughts and emotions. I am so uplifted by all the love and support coming my way. After facing my fears and shedding many tears, there is plenty […]

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I am in Free Fall but Determined to Climb out of Depression

It’s been the most difficult New Year that I have ever experienced. On a personal level I am trying to approach this year with ease and joy. It’s been two years since Li died and I am drowning in depression. Not sure whether anything I am doing is worth anything. I have never worked so […]

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San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium – A Patient Advocate’s POV

It was extremely exciting being at the 36th annual Breast Cancer Symposium in San Antonio (SABCS). I was hoping to go on Twitter during the Symposium but was having a lot of trouble during the conference with the wifi signal. I decided to concentrate on the presentations and when I could find information being reported […]

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Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day – Every Day and every October 13

We all know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. There’s pink everywhere and all sorts of breast cancer awareness campaigns. In 2009 Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) got one day for awareness. Thanks to the efforts of 9 metastatic patients and countless others, they got congress to designate October 13th as Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness […]

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Dr. Susan Love’s Research Foundation Teams Up

I received this in an email yesterday from Dr. Susan Love’s Research Foundation. Leave it to Dr. Susan Love to bring together Susan G. Komen, the Young Survival Coalition, and the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation to collaborate on the collateral damage and side effects of Breast Cancer as part of the Health of Women […]

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It is time to work together!

I found this great post on Dr. Susan Love’s “Act with Love” blog. She really put in to words everything that is going through my mind in hopes of all of us who care about breast cancer advocacy working together so that we can make a difference. I am glad Dr. Susan Love reminded us […]

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Metavivor needs Volunteers

Hi Everyone! Metavivor is having a Nationwide call for Volunteers! MAJOR EVENT TO BRING ATTENTION TO THE NEEDS OF THE METASTATIC BREAST CANCER COMMUNITY. BECAUSE. IT’S TIME….   METAvivor Awareness Campaign 2014 Sea to Sea for MBC Metavivor is now accepting applications for volunteers! Even if you can only spare some small time to volunteer […]

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The Battle We Didn’t Choose – My Wife’s Fight with Breast Cancer

Hi Everyone! There’s a beautiful love story between Angelo Merendino and his wife Jen. Angelo is an extremely talented photographer. He was also an incredible husband to his wife Jen who got metastatic breast cancer. He photographed her as she lived with this disease all the while loving and caring for her in such a […]

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“METavivor on the Move” – I am on the team

I have written about my passion (see: While Flying – Frustration surrounds Me ) for doing  everything I can to advocate for Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC). 6-10% of breast cancer patients are initially diagnosed at Stage IV (MBC). 30% of all breast cancer patients initially diagnosed with early stage breast cancer will eventually metastasize (or have what […]

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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day dad. I wonder where you are and whether you and my brother still think about legal cases. I know you both are watching over me as I have taken over responsibilities that I never thought would be mine. I am grateful you taught me how to take care of things and both […]

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This was an incredible week for breast cancer patients, advocates, doctors, bloggers, and what has happened in breast cancer news and social media. I started on Twitter a year ago and for those of you who don’t know about the format, Twitter is a place where you pick a name for yourself (mine is @a4breastcancer-A4BC was […]

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Notes from Dr. Susan Love Speaking at the Summit

I really enjoyed hearing Dr. Susan Love speak at the Inaugural Advocate Leadership Summit. For starters it was such a thrill and so exciting to see her after knowing that she went through intense treatment including chemotherapy and surgery for leukemia. I always feel so uplifted when she talks about breast cancer and opens our […]

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While Flying – Frustration surrounds Me

For starters I was on a flight for a happy family event. The day started great. I got a lot of work done on our official Advocates for Breast Cancer website. I got to the airport at the right time even though LAX was so crowded because there’s a problem with the TSA and there’s […]

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Donna Peach – Danced in to the Light

Last night , Donna Peach danced in to the light. It is her beautifully poetic expression for those that have died. Yesterday was Donna’s time. Every night I check my email and look for Donna Peach’s blog. She had stage IV metastatic breast cancer and I met her through her blog when I started blogging […]

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Valerie Harper Inspires

I am so touched by Valerie Harper. As I am sure my readers are aware , not only is Valerie an incredibly accomplished actress, but her warmth and grace has been so touching during this terrible diagnosis of leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, a rare condition that happens when cancer cells invade into the fluid-filled membrane that surrounds […]

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Celebrating the Extra-Ordinary: Her name is Shelby

In the blog, “Journeying beyond Breast Cancer” Marie challenged other bloggers to celebrate the ordinary by taking a photo of something every day that makes them feel grateful.  When my friend Li Bailey died on January 6, 2012 of Metastatic Breast Cancer (see earlier blog My Fearless Friend Li Bailey) , she left me with […]

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“Cured” Breast Cancer Patients With Tumor DNA in Blood: 12 Times Likelier to Relapse

A highly accurate blood test, which fishes the blood of breast cancer patients for circulating tumor DNA fragments, appears to predict who will relapse, according to a new prospective study in Science Translational Medicine.

Sourced through from:

Promising early studies trying to predict risk of breast cancer relapse. To see the original reports related to this article go to: and

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Special Post by Tami Boehmer

This is a very special post by Tami Boehmer. I am reblogging it here, but I will also add the original link: ——————————————————————————————————————————————- No expiration date:  A Tribute to our angel, Krysti Hughett Last night, I lay in bed and couldn’t sleep. I didn’t know that my dear friend, Krysti Hughett, drew her last breath just […]

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4 Life Lessons a Doctor Has Learned From Patients

Originally posted on TIME:
Answer by David Chan on Quora. I’ve taken care of cancer patients for several decades and they’ve taught me something about life. 1. A job is just a job. I often get into discussions about life and living with my cancer patients who have a unique outlook because they are face…

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Happy Father’s Day 2015

I took some time away from personal blogging. This site is the temporary site for A4BC while the main site will be ready very soon. It’s got so many amazing features that we can’t wait to unveil.  Meanwhile we continue to post news, issues and videos, stories, articles, and calls to action etc. We are […]

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