Celebrating the Extra Ordinary: The Good and the Bad

I took this video of Shelby to continue to show the joy she brings me.  I was going to post it yesterday when I discovered she had ear infections in both ears even though she had just been to the vet a few days before.

The right ear is also deeply infected and requires ear drops that she does not like when I put them in. They are analyzing the problem from sections of the infections.  She is home with me resting now.

They shaved her hair off of her ear while she was sedated, and her vet said that the hair will grow back and cover the missing part of her ear. I also took the photo of her resting on the bed with her bandage on.

I am sad for Shelby and I keep thinking how upset Li would be. At least I am comforted knowing Li would not blame me for what happened to Shelby. My friend was so great about unconditionally excepting who I am. That is what true friendship and having a great family is. I am lucky i have friends and family that I love unconditionally and that unconditionally love me.

Shelby is so pretty when she sleeps. She is quiet and peaceful and she has been such a trooper through all of this. For this I am so grateful. Shelby sleeps with optimism and brings light in to my world.

Thanks again to Marie’s award-winning blog  Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer “Celebrating the Ordinary” challenge was really inspiring and I thoroughly enjoyed so many other blogs out there that participated.

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  1. I agree with you on all points! Pets bring so much more to us than we give them, and other bloggers wrote of our pets in Marie’s challenge. THanks for sharing Shelby with us!


    1. Thank you so much Marie for starting this wonderful challenge. So many bloggers shared so many wonderful things and we relly appreciated your fantastic idea. I am still waiting for her lab tests (sound familiar from breast cancer-waiting for test results), and as soon as we have those results I may have a better understanding why this happened. Thanks again!-Susan


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